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We're looking for interns

It's that time of the year again and we're looking for new interns to join the press. 

Camberwell Press is an in-house publishing house supported by Camberwell College of Arts and run exclusively by staff and recent alumni of the college.The purpose of the Press is to provide a platform for creative, academic and research output as well as supporting the activity of the various agencies within the college, like Camberwell Space, and other affiliated colleges and organisations.

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Well Said

Publication to accompany the BA Illustration degree show, Well Said, at The Rag Factory, July 2013. Featuring interviews with William Deresiewicz and John O'Reilly.


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Fine Art Degree Show Catalogues

To coincide with the internal summer shows at Camberwell College of Arts, the three fine art courses catalogues were designed in affinity with each other, creating a set to collect.


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Six Degrees of Separation

six degrees 460

Six Degrees of Separation is an exhibition at Wimbledon Space that explores inter-connectivity in a variety of multi-disciplinary contemporary art practices. Camberwell Press have designed and published an accompanying booklet that involves all participating artists in a collaborative fiction about connectivity and separation, entitled S1X.

Opening text in the booklet, S1X:
            'I read somewhere that everybody on this planet is separated by six other people. Six Degrees of Separation between us and everyone else on the planet.'  

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971 Horses and 4 Zebras

971 460 2

971 Horses and 4 Zebras is an exhibition at Wimbledon Space of artists' films that focus on labour intensive animation techniques as part of contemporary practice. The exhibition showcases a wide variety of approach and style with 15 animation artists involved. A coinciding screening and panel discussion at Tate Modern Starr auditorium will take place on Thursday 29 November.

Camberwell Press published a fold out booklet designed by Work-Form for the exhibition that runs from 2 November to 9 December at Wimbledon Space.

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The Beauty of Failure

Beauty of failure 460 3

Accompaning the exhibition ' Triumph of the Will' at Camberwell Space, Paul O'Kane compiled text on the subject The Beauty of Failure which Camberwell Press published a small booklet designed by work-form.

Olympia, Leni Riefenstahl’s film of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, is a masterpiece of cinematography that erotises the body beautiful and aestheticises perfection in a visual language still employed by the advertising industry today. It uses spectacle as a triumph of the ideal over labour. Yet the Olympics, by definition, were as much about failure as they were about success, where display conceals obsession, and where the repetition and pain required is sublimated into mesmeric entertainment. It is through the sheer Sisyphean pointlessness of this drama that such fallibilities become the subject of this exhibition. With comedy, pathos, and absurdity, something of the human is reinstated within the spectacle by these art works. In this respect, titling the exhibition after Riefenstahl’s more notorious film is not completely ironic, but rather, opens up a point of departure for small acts of resistance.

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Private View - Whatever Next: a discourse on typography

IMG 1315

A great turn out at our private view for Whatever Next: a discourse on typography book and exhibition launch at the Kemistry Gallery. The exhibition runs on til the 20 October with limited editions of the book and prints to purchase. Many thanks to all contributors and visitors for making a great evening and spectacular event. 

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Whatever Next: a discourse on typography

whatever next

Founded by Camberwell Press' creative director, James Edgar, Whatever Next: a discourse in typography is an exhibition and book launch pioneered from a series of in-conversations taken place in selected locations across London in June 2011. The discussions look at the life span of typography, how it has evolved in print, process and practise, furthermore, what direction it might hold for the future. Conversations were recorded and transcribed to devise the content of the book Whatever Next: a discourse on typography. Launch of the book takes place at Kemistry Gallery, EC2A 3PD on 4 October with an corresponding exhibition compiling of contributors visual response to the discussions.

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Art on Fire

ArtOnFire 460 

Camberwell Space showcases  Art on Fire, an exhibition to mark the Olympic Flame passing through Camberwell. UAL PhD artists and associates present an exhibition that considers fire in its ceremonial, ritualistic, metaphysical and symbolic aspects; as well as its physical, audio-visual and scientific representations. An artists’ residency relay will pass the torch of audience encounter across the three weeks; as practitioners work in the galleries, alongside the exhibits.

Camberwell Press have published a booklet that compiles texts provided by the artist in relation to the subject of Art on Fire to coincide with the exhibition.

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Inter- originated from MA Art Theory at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Collaboration is integral to their practice and they take this process further by working with Camberwell Press. The project assessed the boundaries between client and designer, theory and communication, as well as the boundaries and restrictions established by the project.

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Into the Fold: Day 9

I-D Magazine No.6.

Day seven was an opportunity to reference production methods from the past, their place in history and their influence and relevance now. Cedar Lewisohn and South East Zine's Lisa Novak and Chris Dodson discussed small-press publishing, independent mind-sets and working within the canon with ideas that sit very much outside of it; Graham Congreve from Evolution Print came armed with a generous edition of Evolution Print posters to give away, extensive print know-how and an unbridled enthusiasm for the smell, look and feel of printed matter; Camberwell Press Editor Billie Muraben ran a cut and paste workshop with Illustration students and independent publishing afficionado Teal Triggs gve a talk on fanzines and counter-culture publishing, past and present. 

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Into the Fold: Day 8

A screengrab from Fraser Muggeridge's film screening. Trailer Truths III, Erica Scourti (2004)

Day 8 focused on the broader context of graphic design, its field of inspiration, and application. Merrell Publishers delivered a talk on the process of publishing, from decision to reality, Rick Poynor let us in to the surreal world that informs his practice and Fraser Muggeridge selected a series of films that encapsulated his opinion of film as an essential source of content in design. 

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Writing on the Wall

flyer cover port 

Writing on the Wall brings to life poems in a new dynamic format that explores the imaginative possibilites of art and poetry with some of the best UK illustrators, from Camberwell, drawing live on stage. Camberwell illustration tutors Zeel Geff Coupland, and Jim Stoten will perform live illustration with accompanying poetry by Catherine Smith to represent the visuals connecting the poets words to illustrators minds. Flyers designed by Camberwell Press.

Event takes place at Camberwell's Wilson Road venue on 13th March at 7pm, find out more information about related events here.

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Into the Fold: Day 6

Lino piece diagram by Natalie Kay-Thatcher.

Day six saw the Camberwell Press designers head north to Walworth for Mr Smith’s Letterpress Workshop; illustrator and tutor Mary Kuper lead a card-cut relief printing workshop, the brain-child of Press, Editor Natalie Kay-Thatcher, communicating the work of physicist Richard Feynman through printed diagrams with the help of Super/Collider; illustrator, printmaker and wildman Stephen Fowler held his travelling rubber-stamp workshop – producing a single-section, multi-layered book of prints; and powerhouse design duo Charlie Abbott and Theo Sion produce an illustrated history and future of the Camberwell Press logo. 

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Into the Fold: Day 3

Day three was small in numbers, but gigantic in content.  We spent the morning in self-assessment, evaluation, and the afternoon in a skype discussion with Michèle Champagne of That New Design Smell, in which she delivered a talk all the way from Toronto, beaming into the studio in Camberwell.  She has kindly provided us with a summary of that talk, after the jump.

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Into the Fold

Seeking to create the concept of the ideal studio within a public space, Camberwell Press is taking over Camberwell Space gallery for two and a half weeks. The exhibition will culminate in a publication launch from material generated via a series of talks, workshops, design & publishing projects.  Curated by James Edgar.

For more information, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See the full schedule after the jump. 

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Among Other Things

The catalogue for Among Other Things was designed to reflect the exhibition’s focus on relational encounters with and between people, and the problem of scrutinising the function of objects in a relational and traditional context.

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Peek Show

A small group of enterprising students took it upon themselves to organise an exhibition of 150 of their colleagues in The Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey, from 6th - 9th May 2011. The nineteenth century building was the inspiration behind the name of the exhibition, referencing the historical entertainment of the  'peep shows' – showing images for a small fee through a small hole or magnifying glass.

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onedotzero_adventures in motion 2011

Working closely with onedotzero and United Visual Artists, Camberwell Press have produced a publication and the promotional material for this years Adventures in Motion festival at the BFI Southbank November 2011. 

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New Photographic Practices; SCOPE

New Photographic Practices: SCOPE was designed by Alex Hough and Jake Hopwood for an exhibition held at the Visual Art Centre Gallery, Tsinghua University, Beijing featuring the work of photographers and filmmakers who all work at UAL, including Chelsea’s BA Photography Course Director, Martin Newth.

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publication sectionThe Yellow Wallpaper

detour coverDetours      


cover aot

Among Other Things


SS Invite_01

Somnium & Solaris
Thursday 26th September, 6 - 9pm
The Cube gallery, E1 6BJ 

Camberwell Illustration alumni and Director of Jiggling Atoms, Natalie Kay-Thatcher is about to embark on a three month astronomy and science fiction illustration residency at The Cube, London. To celebrate the beginning of the residency and the events and workshops that will be taking place in the duration, your are invited to attend the opening event at the gallery. Where new work by Natalie can be viewed and visitors can sign up to upcoming events, and find out more about the theoretical books behind the project.

site visit_Portrait-1


Edgar-Walker Private View
6th September 6 - 9pm
Chelsea College of Art and Design

Our Creative Director, James Edgar, is graduating from the MA Fine Art course at Chelsea College of Art and Design as part of the edgar-walker collaborative. You are welcome to attend the private view to see what he's been up to over the past two years. There is also an artist publication on display in the edgar-walker space, published by Camberwell Press. The MA show runs from Saturday 7th - Thursday 12th September. Find out more here.

Fresh Prints: Camberwell Press has been invited to display a range of recently produced publications at the Fresh Prints exhibition –  Showroom, University of the Arts London. Please join us at the Private View on Wednesday the 1st of May to discuss and see what we have been working on.


Let's Get Quizzical – Round 2: Following the success of the first, we are inviting you to join us and take part in the second instalment of the Camberwell Press pub quiz, with categories such as: Typography, Animation, Illustration, Film and more to question your creative mental knowledge.

image 220
I used to be a design student
18 February 6pm - 9pm
Camberwell College of Arts

Book launch for I used to be a design student, created by Brighten the Corners, Frank Philipin and Billy Kiosoglou. The launch takes place at Camberwell College of Arts where the inspiration began after a workshop led by Brighten the Corners for the BA Graphic Design students, which looked at the relationship between their student work and their development into professional practice. Find out more about the book and event here.


13 December 2012 09.00 - 18.00
LBi Event Space

Alt/Shift is a one day conference with UAL lecturers and design directors examining the future form of education for creative industries. Camberwell Press director Darryl Clifton is one of the speakers on the day.
To find out more on the event visit the Alt/Shift website and join the discussion online.


WhateverNext EventsCoverWhatever Next: a discourse on typography

4 October - 20 October 2012

Kemistry Gallery

Book launch and typography exhibtion at Kemistry Gallery entitled
Whatever Next: a discourse on typography, generated from a series of in converstations with designers, practitioners, and artists on the topic of typography. The exhibition runs along the theme of the book is curated by this is art, founded by Camberwell Press' creative director: James Edgar. To order your copy of the book email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

mokita events

Mokita 2: illustration Symposium
16 October 2012 10.00 - 17.00
Somerset House

Mokita's second illustration forum will explore 'The Sentimental Gene' in illustration with discussions, conversations and visual essays at Somerset House. Exploring the presence, function, validity and role of 'sentimentality' as a theme in illustration.

Events Lefil

Le Fil The Filosophy of Making

25 - 28 September 2012

Camberwell Space

Le Fil presents his debut solo show 'Pop Sculpture: The Filosophy of Making', which will bring the spectacle of pop music into the art gallery context. Camberwell Space will be transformed into a multi-disciplinary platform ready for a pop sculptural reinvention. 'Pop Sculpture' features new songs, ceramics and sculptures created by Le Fil during his art residency at Vanguard Court Studios in Peckham. 

poster poet

Writing on the Wall
14 March 2012
CCW Wilson Road

Writing on the Wall is an event brought to you from Poet in the City, bringing illustrated life to poetry in live drawing by Camberwell illustrators Zeel and Jim Stoten. 

Into the Fold

24 February - 13 March 2012
Camberwell Space

Camberwell Press seeks to create and ideal and interactive studio within a public space for two and half weeks. The exhibition will culminate in a publication formed from material generated with collaborators via a series of talks, workshops, design & publishing projects. 


Among Other Things

10 January - 10 Feburary 2012

Camberwell Space

Among Other Things brings together objects, video, sound and installation by four artists who question what it means to produce work through relational encounters with and between people.


onedotzero_adventures in motion

23 - 27 November 2011

BFI Southbank

2011 sees onedotzero celebrate 15 years of championing the progression of global digital culture and innovation in motion. Programmed in partnership with regular host venue BFI Southbank, this special anniversary will present short films and animation, music videos, interactivity, digital art and everything in between.